• Birthstone - Garnet

    Garnet pendant

    Historically each month has been allocated a stone to represent that month the birthstone for January is garnet.


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  • Star Sign

    We also have a Star sign allocated to periods which sometimes crossover a month January has a couple of these Capricorn runs from December 23rd to January 20th:  Aquarius from January 21 to February 19th

  • Wedding Anniversary

    Garnet is suggested by the Jewellery Industry as a gift idea for the 11th Wedding Anniversary


    Wedding Anniversaries as recommended by the Jewellery Industry

    1st Pearl, 2nd Coral, 3rd Turquoise, 4th Amber, 5th Diamond, 6th Sapphire 7th Aquamarine, 8th Amethyst,

    9th Tourmaline, 10th Diamond, 11th Garnet, 12th Citrine, 13th Lapis, 14th Opal, 15th Diamond, 16th Jade,

    17th Emerald, 18th Malachite, 19th Beryl, 20th Diamond, 25th Silver, 30th Diamond, 35th Pearl, 40th Ruby,

    45th Sapphire, 50th Gold, 55th Emerald, 60th Diamond.